Learning Never Stops

It’s been a long time since I last posted something here. I was busy with training and work. Because I woke up quite early today. I began reading Howard Schultz’ Onward a few days ago and decided to read some pages this morning.


As the ceo of Starbucks, he gives insightful lessons about trying to get the company back on track. Even though he has earned a high rank in the company as the founder and an experienced global marketer, he has acknowledged the deficits and problems that their brand is experiencing. He is not afraid to admit the flaws but keen on taking brave action on what to do to correct the mistakes, to keep the real vision of the brand and to uphold that pure love for coffee. They have been the most successful brand of coffee in the world, creating a space and a huge difference for the industry of coffee. Yet, he reflects on the truthfulness of their brand sans the numbers that is shown on Wall Street. Howard Schultz shows the spirit of a leader who is able to recognize the people who give much contributions to the success of their product. He is willing to accept mistakes and do something about it, at the same time he doesn’t forget the core of how his company really began. He said, “We had a delicate balance to strike. A balance between heritage and innovation. Between meaningful tradition and modern-day relevance.” I think he beautifully said it how our society struggles to preserve the old but without dismissing that change is inevitable. “We needed to rediscover who we were and imagine who we could be.” I think it is important that no matter what age we are, we still continue to learn, learn from our colleagues and friends, learn from our families and relatives, learn from little kids, learn from the situation we’re put in, from books we read or shows that we watch, from stories we hear and also the stories we tell that says much about our experiences. There is so much out there that we don’t know yet.

A relative shared an article  on the social media that I agree with. We should read a book everyday even just a bit. Make time to exercise and make sure the food we eat is healthy. Learn the language of the field of our work or path we have chosen to be able to create good rapport and perform effectively.

I prepped the espresso machine after reading the book. It’s nice to be up on your feet early on. It’s nice to be done with the preparations as early as 7am.  A professor of mine used to tell us that he’s up 4 or 5 am and begins to read books as he is a critic, he receives many reading assignments. I have also read many great ceo and leaders who get up to read a book to start their day. I plan to read as much as I can.

I am grateful for the sumptuous breakfast that we have with fruits prepared by mom, breakfast menu instructed by mom and coffee prepared by us. I think breakfast is very essential part of our day that we should never skip. Eating fruits help keep optimism in our spirit, brighten our mood and contribute to a healthy body and mind. Let’s keep a healthy attitude and outlook on life.


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