Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”It didn’t start out as a good day. We encountered unexpected events such as delivering goods to customers who already moved. My mom wasn’t informed when she confirmed about the delivery that they had moved to another place. Then the car wouldn’t start which meant there was no battery anymore. It rained a bit too but then the sun came. We define if those incidents would ruin our day. We can choose to pull our heads together and find a solution. If we chose to be affected by the situation, we’d definitely feel bad and thus our day can be ruined.

We found a coffee place to have snacks at the mall. The particular coffee shop we were eyeing was full but a sign beside that cafe caught my attention, “unlimited coffee for Php150: Americano or Cappuccino”. I was willing to try this place all for the coffee. Instead of looking for another cafe which will most likely be full on a Sunday, I was willing to settle at this pizza place. It turned out to be great coffee as they’re serving Lamill coffee. They designed coffee art on each cup which was really nice.


I ended up having two cups. I can gulp up to three cups then but I limited myself to just two cups. If I ordered another one, I think they would come up with another design. Sometimes, a cup of warm coffee could really add color to someone’s day. We took a walk after that and it was nice. Today was indeed a good day.



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