To observe, you must learn to separate situation from interpretation, yourself from what you’re seeing. Train yourself:… “It is impossible as I state it and therefore I must in some respect have stated it wrong.” Out loud instead of silently. In writing instead of in your head. It will save you from many errors in Perception. – Maria Konnikova, How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes


Our lifestyle nowadays are quite sedentary, living in the city somehow tied us to our laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. Sometimes, our ability to observe is reduced to those finite (or massive) spaces of the World Wide Web or that particular gadget we’re holding. It is true that in that space, we are taken to different places and we see people we normally don’t get to see. We are engrossed in the world of entertainment and social media to get our mind off things. We are tuned in to shows or so focused on getting to the next level of the game. Instead of scheduling time for exercise or other activities, we are preoccupied with lots of screen time which actually reduces our attention to other things.

Without practice, it’s not easy to play basketball or to shoot some hoops. So after a long time, our muscles couldn’t keep up quite easily if we ever plan to go back to sports. Of course, through discipline and practice, we could gradually change our lifestyle. This is the same thing with how we perceive things. Our perception changes depending on how we look at a scene or what angle we choose to capture. We could choose a spot to focus all our energies or we could see the bigger picture. We commit many errors because we easily dismiss things as how we thought we saw them. Both our mind and body needs training to prevent errors in our movement.

It feels nice to be back on the court to shoot some hoops with my nephews. Though it was just a one time activity, it felt good to be able to regain momentum at that time.


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