Night challenge

Thanks to Sylvain for the challenge SL-Week 7: Night.

Night scenery is lovely. Somehow the city gives us a light show every night. It’s challenging though taking photographs at night especially without a tripod. I remember waiting with our cousin at Victoria’s Peak for the lights to light up and admire the city lights of Hong Kong. There were many people there who are waiting for that too. Cameras all raised, taking in the view; some were tourists while others just seem to want to capture the view after a long day’s work.


I like the idea of spontaneity in photographs but I also revel in waiting to snap a scene. Singapore is a photogenic city and really beautiful at night with its great architectures and radiant lights. It’s a city that inspires one to just stare into the vast night sky. The air is fresh and inviting for walks.

20141026_213029 IMG_0759 IMG_0749
20140814_211635 20140814_211846

I used a digital camera for this one, something handy to carry as we participated a party for the 400 years celebration of the University of Santo Tomas (UST). This University was built during the Spanish colonial period. Lights and decors surround the building and school grounds. It is nice to take a walk during nighttime which we don’t normally do.

DSC02867 DSC02857

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