What We Cultivate

“Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate.” – Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking20150215_125040 If we think of beautiful things and if we maintain a happy heart, it would be quite difficult to dampen our spirit. It is not full-proof though, as we easily get influenced by our surroundings. Just that, what we cultivate in our heart and mind will eventually reflect our attitude and behavior. This needs practice for we are swiftly distracted by simple things that we allow to get into our nerves.IMG_6280If we cloud ourselves with unhappy thoughts, spend time with unhappy people, our moods become agitated and we easily snap on people. Cultivating is not instant, it needs patience and constant reminder to be conscious of our thoughts and actions. Just as when we’re planting a seed, it needs further nourishment for it to grow. Thus, it is a habit that forms through practice.

These sculptures of nature in Kamakura, Japan have a calming effect. Its intricacies remind us that some things might appear complex, but it depends on how we decipher the picture and how we find a caption to attach to it. Maybe the complexities are necessary to paint a beautiful picture.


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