Coffee notes: Brewing Good Vibes

It’s my daily task to brew coffee every morning but it has been an enjoyable activity for me. The earlier we have a caffeine boost the better. We also got used to having just one cup of coffee and it’s enough to last through the day. Just that, without a cup, my sister would feel that something is missing I guess drinking coffee uplifts our mood. I hope that at the start of the day, we could brew good vibes in the air and spread the cheer throughout the day.

With the right temperature, you’d be able to bring out the best flavors from the beans. I’ve read before that it’s okay to adjust and explore whatever ratio would work as you go along. You’d be able to grasp the concept of brewing using the pour-over method with practice.

Last year, we got an endless supply of coffee beans, some were Christmas gifts and souvenirs while some were bought upon recommendations. These are all used-up now since I was brewing everyday and I brought some of them to the gatherings during the holidays. For these beans, I use a drip-style coffeemaker.


Pike Place Roast, gift from the 1st Starbucks store in Seattle by our cousins

Seven Seeds beans was a gift from our cousin in Australia. This is one of the best beans we had ever tasted. After exploring beans from Starbucks and Coffee Bean, we shifted to beans that are Single Origin and they proved to be really good. 20150310_124436 I use the Hario V60 Drip in for brewing coffee. The taste is clean and clear. You’d be able to relish the flavor in your palate after every sip. 20150311_085330 Kuppa Roastery & Cafe is one of our sources for beans. We love their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural. Since we don’t have a grinder at home, I ask the baristas to grind the beans beforehand. It is tightly sealed to keep its freshness.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Natural from Kuppa

Illy espresso beans is a recommendation from our cousin in Australia. We found a source here and so we tried it out.  It was really good and definitely a great espresso base. 20150612_092242 20150618_081703Brewing coffee is more economical than buying a cup outside that costs about Php100-150 or $450. When brewing at home, we buy beans (for example: The Curator’s Ethiopia Sidamo, which they source from #YKW Roasters costs Php450 or $9.8 for 200g) and use it for about a week. You’d only need to spend Php64 or $1.4 per day which is already for everyone in my family.

20150426_091037When I get the chance, I would rise up earlier to make some breakfast to add variation to our usual routine. I also enjoy making drinks and juices. Fruits are courtesy of my mom.


Today, I brewed Panama Carmen Estate from the Curator #YKW Roasters. I also made four sets of Grilled Bacon Pesto Sandwich to pair the coffee with.

What coffee beans are you brewing today?


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