20150404_080308Gulangyu Island is a wonderful place to go when visiting Xiamen. You just need to ride the ferry to cross to the island and have fun spending the whole day here. We didn’t have enough time though when we went there and it would have been fun to explore the whole place on foot.

There are many old houses there left by different Chinese from across Asia. We had a local tour guide that took us around Gulangyu. They have great respect for the overseas Chinese because they come back to China, give donations, build structures and just don’t forget to give back to their mother country.

One of the best places to take prenuptial photos is Gulangyu. We already saw two to three pairs having their photo taken. There are also cafe and shops that one can explore. You can also choose to ride the cart but there are places that this couldn’t reach.

There were old houses that were converted to museums that we went into. The guide explains to us the different houses and the fate of the owners of those structures. According to him, if we look at the design of the houses, we could see a mixture of Asian and Western touches on the structures. People were resistant then of the colonial powers but managed to infuse Western influences to the designs of the houses. He asked us to notice that the upper part of the houses have Chinese designs while the bottom part have Western details. It is a statement that says they won’t be subdued by the west. These architectures are interesting to see but we just didn’t have enough time to take more pictures.

IMG_7433 IMG_7428  IMG_7466 IMG_7510 IMG_7454 IMG_7475 IMG_7515


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