Luoyang Bridge

 The Luoyang Bridge or 洛陽橋 is located at the Luoyang river at Quanzhou, Fujian, China. It is oldest stone bridge in China that connects two lands.  Luoyang bridge was built as early as the Song Dynasty.  It depicts the richness of history and the amazing architecture that has existed in ancient times. Over the years, this bridge has been repaired and restored to be preserved to this day. IMG_7170It was nice to walk towards the center of the bridge. The wind feels good and the air is refreshing. If we had more time, it is possible to cross this bridge to the other side, but we just walked halfway and had to head back. This scenic spot reflects the fusion of ancient and modernity. The Luoyang Bridge has gone through different battles and natural calamities in the course of history, but it is still standing to bridge the old and the new. IMG_7172 IMG_7177IMG_7203 IMG_7179 IMG_7182


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