Finding the Strings

  • Cooking and brewing coffee for our relatives.

IMG_20140225_172150 This past holiday season, I had fun cooking, preparing lunch and brewing coffee for our family and relatives. I brought our coffee brewer with us whichever houses we went to and shared some warm cups to our relatives who were happy to be able to enjoy that after the meal. I enjoy brewing coffee; it doesn’t matter how many cups I have to make.

  • Invitation to play boardgames

Who would have thought wDSC_0213e’d meet people who love to play boardgames too? This is the expression we got from our new playmates. They are craving to play the boardgames they invested money on. They order and wait for it to be shipped to them, all excited to try the game with their nephews and nieces only to find out they couldn’t play with them because the little ones could not stand to lose. The end result would be receiving attacks from their parents for making their grandchildren cry. Their brothers and sisters on the other hand refuse to play with them. So we are this bunch of people who would play the whole day and end up having lunch, snack and dinner at the same place. It was one of the holidays when you don’t need to mind about anything, as you have finished all your work before the holiday comes and you’ll be left to enjoy the time off. It is a great way to pass the time, learning new games, meeting friends and new acquaintances and figuring out how to play a game altogether. Always remember to be able to accept defeat and acknowledge the winners for their triumph.

  • Exploring Specialty Coffeeshops

We got the chance to explore three coffee places. Indulging to our caffeine ‘needs’, we tried out some that offer coffee origins. They have different brewing techniques and selected beans to offer. It was a good time to discover new places to visit during the holiday season.

  • Impromptu Brunch Invite

A friend of ours asked if we wanted to go out to cheer us up. We said yes and it turned out to be a good day to walk outdoors, to have a full meal plus some coffee and have a good laugh. It is nice to meet with friends and to know that they are there if you needed a hand. It was a liberating feeling.

  • Back to Reading and reaching the last page of it.

live happilly I’ve recently picked up ‘The Book of Awesome’ and it is indeed a great feeling to reach the end of it so swiftly. I keep on remembering some pieces from the book which are true and cannot help but agree with the things the author had pointed out. I have finished a couple more books alongside ‘The Book of Awesome’. I have a few pending books to finish but I’m looking forward to picking up the next book.

  • Taking Grandma out for a stroll.Relish

There were a lot of holidays that followed upon Pope Francis’ arrival. We took this opportunity to take grandma out to dine, shop and to bring her to places she has not been to before. She had a nice time trying out restaurants we don’t usually go to. She prefers Chinese cuisine and that’s where we took her to.

  • Watching Big Hero 6.

It’s been a long time since I watched an animation film. I think the last one was Frozen. The ‘Big Hero 6’ is an inspiring film and Baymax turns out to be an adorable character. The story is simple yet very meaningful. Somehow Baymax became a popular character nowadays that his figure appears in cakes, drawings, and merchandise.

  • Receiving an Ebook Reader.

My sister and I have been deliberating about buying an Ebook Reader. We like holding the book and reading it but we’re also running out of space on our bookshelves. On our recent survey of our books, we discovered many titles that we would no longer read again and have decided to either sell or give the book away. Our friend pooled the titles together and ended up selling some of them. Thanks to her, we were able to find new owners for the books that we’re no longer using. My sister said that she’ll buy me one and we could share. Many people around us are using an Ebook reader now which is also very useful when you are studying. Upon meeting up with our cousins, they gave us an Ebook Reader as a gift. We’re definitely delighted to receive it and the feeling is AWESOME to make our wish come true!!! As long as we find purpose in a day, we are able to make the most of it. It was because we lived each day with purpose, that’s why we felt our days worthwhile.


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