Trip back to Tagaytay

Every time I visit Tagaytay, I bring back some new experience. This is one of the accessible place to go to where the weather is cooler. My cousin returned home recently and this reminded me of our trip two years back to this place. It has been a long time since we’ve seen each other but it felt just like yesterday when we were talking.

5 things about this trip:

  • We visited Sky Ranch which was quite new then, the food establishments in the area were not fully opened yet. We paid the entrance but ended up not riding anything because some rides are for kids and most rides have additional payment.
  • To quench our thirst, we bought some buko shake then. I saw how the drink was made because I was standing in front of the stall. I saw the man put about 2-3 scoops of condensed milk in the drink but I wasn’t able to voice out to stop him. We ended up drinking a very sweet drink and was not able to finish it due to its extreme sweetness. (My bad…)
  • We went for a walk and sightseeing at the back of Taal Vista. We had to pay Php150 for the entrance/parking but it was all good. We sat on the hill, the field of greens and ended up with a few sunburns when we went back. The sun was that hot to pierce through our skin when it’s already October then. The place had an amazing view and a spacious area to walk about.
  • We stopped for coffee at Bag of Beans, the branch which overlooks to the Taal lake. My professor has been recommending this place and we finally try this out. We were lucky to be seated at the veranda to enjoy the cool breeze.
  • There’s a dinner party that we have to attend so we were on our home when the sun was going down.

tagaytay sky ranch ride buon giornocoffee at bag of beansbag of beanssunset on the way home


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