Refreshing view at Cingjing Farm


Serenity, is what we crave for after staying too long in the metropolitan area. That calm, peaceful view is inviting and captivating.

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Cingjing Farm boasts its vast expanse of green, the blue sky, and the patches of clouds up there make great art work. Walking alongside the sheep and getting the chance to feed them is indeed a delightful experience. It’s amazing how they follow you when you have food to offer. There were a lot of tourists when we visited the farm but according to our cousin who has been here before, you could literally interact and play around with the sheep then and they are strong enough to bump you and knock you down. We were able to watch the herding and sheep shearing show.

20140517_08470720140517_090414 sheep

It rained the past days, that’s why the sheep looked quite muddy. Some of the sheep are becoming sick as more visitors flock by the farm. Guests are reminded to be responsible for their trash to keep the environment clean for the habitat of the sheep. It’s nice to keep in touch with nature as we easily forget its importance when we’re busy with our gadgets or while immersed in city life.

the field amazing view

*Cingjing Farm is located at NO. 170, Renhe Rd., Datong Village, Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan(R. O. C.).


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