Thank You for Another Year

Year 2014 is nearing its end; looking back I can see that it’s been a great year. It has been a year of explorations for coffee, photography, travel and writing. I learned a lot this year, have let go of some things and felt at ease with myself. I have learned that there are lessons we gain from simple things to significant events in life. There are things that are necessary to help us grow and some pieces fit in perfectly later on.

This was what I wrote before the end of the year; then something happened at the beginning of 2015. It’s not big of a deal, because it already happened before. But I guess this is what kept me from writing something here. I don’t know what to write or how to start. Even when I encourage myself to write something else, I keep getting back to this. Being scolded for something you didn’t do has been a repetitive pattern in our household. All I did was try to understand and still end up being yelled at. I struggled between holding myself back and speaking up. I chose the latter because I think if you cared enough, you would say something. I rarely post any status in my social media page, but this time I posted something that drew attention from some of my friends. I felt better after letting it out and talking to some friends have helped. Friends and relatives whom I haven’t talked to for a long time now responded. I began the year with a rant and some tears, which is not a good thing to share, but I gained a lot of encouragements. Somehow, some wounds have healed up more easily than before.

It’s still going to be a good year. I will live each day with purpose because I realized that’s what made last year worthwhile. The past year has been a witness to how I brought my smile back. I am thankful for the blessings that I have received, for the beautiful scenes that my eyes have captured and for some essentials to make the stories complete.

I am grateful to be able to meet with old and new friends, for the chance to play and travel with them. This year might be the year that I was able to travel the most times. There were some impromptu travels and more invitations to go out. It was good to accept invitations and to be able to take lots of photographs, visit new places, to meet and connect with people.

I am inspired by the music that I’ve listened to, the books I’ve read, the films I’ve watched and by listening to the stories shared to me. I am glad for the times we could cook for our loved ones, for the time they spend with us, for the warm cups of coffee they’ve shared with me.

For this New Year, I will be brewing more cups and hope to explore other brewing techniques. We recently bought new beans and received some coffee beans last Christmas. I’m very excited to try out the new beans. We’re already on the second bag from the harvests last December.

Mornings are great, and so are Sunsets. Thank you to Yesterday, Hello to Today!


I am ready for more travels, to appreciate the simple things in life, to acknowledge the things that people have done for me, to encourage people to enjoy the life they deserve, to laugh more and cook more flavors to add to our lives.


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