The Liebster Award: Discovering the scripts of life

It is my first time to receive an award here and indeed an honor to be nominated for the Liebster Award. Sandi Fleming, of what oft was thought nominated me, who I follow through her sappy as a tree. And because of this, I found her other blog that I can follow as well.


Writing for me is a form of therapy. It heightens my thinking and I get to reflect on many things about life. When the road gets rocky, I turn to writing as if making marks on the sand and allowing the wind to blew them away. The difference is that the words stay in ink or in this case, forever stored in the World Wide Web. After some time has passed and I re-read what I’ve written, I find myself smiling at times of how simple or small things were. Then when I read about my past experiences and the lessons I’ve learned, I saw how my feelings have evolved and how writing has comforted me.

Reading different posts has helped me see the world in different perspectives and tones. It was nice to find different scripts written by various people all over the globe. We find that everyone is working hard, living life and learning each day. Blogging has helped me find some sort of direction even though I still feel lost sometimes.

As stated in Sandi’s post, here are the rules for the nominees who would like to accept the award:

1. Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated.
2. Copy the Liebster Logo and paste it onto your own blog.
3. Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their respective blogs.
4. In your blog post about the Liebster Award:

>>Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
>>Answer the 11 Questions by the person who nominated you
>>List 11 Random Facts about yourself
>>Nominate, and link to three- eleven(11) other blogs which you enjoy and have fewer than 3,000 followers.
>>List 11 Questions for your nominees.

Here are my answers for Sandi’s questions:

1. What is your ideal vacation? My ideal vacation would be staying on the mountainside or the beachside for some time and get the chance to go out and take photographs. Then after gathering some inspiration, I go to a café and start writing. I like taking walks.

2. What was your first job? My first job was a research assistant for my professor while I’m still taking my undergraduate course.

3. What motivates you to post on your blog? When I get a good snapshot or read a good book, I would be inspired to post something.

4. Name a book that you recently finished reading. I recently finished reading Jared Diamond’s Guns, germs, and steel after a really long time.

5. What is your opinion of reality T.V. shows? I’m not a fan of reality T.V. shows but I did enjoy watching cooking shows such as the Master Chef series and a couple of seasons of the Voice. One of the reality T.V. shows I liked best is a China production of Ba Ba Qu Na Er Season 1. It shows the relationships of the fathers and their kids, isolated with their mothers, they get the chance to strengthen the bond between them as they are limited to work with them. Some concepts of reality TV are good and fun to watch while some look scripted.

6. How do you feel when a snowstorm hits your area and everything is cancelled for the day? We don’t have snowstorms but it is devastating to be in a country where there are numerous typhoons every year and frequent flooding even with little rain. I have experienced being stranded several times in the middle of pitch darkness while we’re headed home. Due to the flood, we could not move much for fear of plunging to the water or hitting a rocky road, so we wait for the water to subside.

7. Last night, my daughter was telling me about a friend who was applying for dual citizenship in another country. If you could obtain dual citizen in another country, which country would you choose, and why? If I could have dual citizenship, I would choose Taiwan. I feel that there is so much I want to explore there. The transportation is very convenient and there are new developments over the years. After my latest visit, I think this is an inspiring place to write my stories.

8. What type of music do you like?

Ballad or rock ballad songs. I like listening to Chinese singer-composers like JJ Lin, William Wei, Mayday, etc. I’m inspired by their music that speaks much about life and living.

9. Recently, I saw a study claiming that people who read fiction tend to be more empathetic. This study has generated controversy in my household. What is your opinion about this “finding”? I would say I agree to this study, though I have shifted more towards non-fiction books. I saw how friends around us who love to read fiction are more in touch with the emotions of people who are with them. Reading fiction helps us visualize more of the descriptions and situations that the authors have written. It absorbs us to an imaginative world but also parallel to the real life. I can see the clear difference it has when reading business, economics, or finance books. I might need to increase my reading of fiction books.

10. Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?
I guess nothing was shattered in my childhood when I learned that Santa wasn’t real. Our parents didn’t give us gifts the Santa way, so there was no serious belief in Santa, and we just see him in movies and hear songs about him.

11. How do you prefer to learn about world news — through the internet? through the television? through a newspaper or magazine?
I prefer learning the news through the internet where I could search for different links to find more comprehensive story or to confirm if something is real or not. Researching about the news help us more equipped with knowledge so that we won’t easily jump into conclusions or be hysterical about an unconfirmed news. That is the case when watching our local television news.

Thanks Sandi! I enjoyed answering your questions 🙂 I could not thank you enough for nominating me this Liebster Award.

11 Random Things about Xin

  1. I like brewing coffee, trying out different beans, and preparing drinks for people, though I’m not a professional barista.
  2. I like exploring coffee shops and good eats with my sister (but mainly discovering good coffee places) thus this other blog that I have here.
  3. I like brewing tea and sipping that delicious cup.
  4. I could not resist picking up another book even when I haven’t finish reading the one I have on hand.
  5. My English name is Joey (after my father) and I’m a girl, though people mistake me for a guy upon reading my name even when I’m already in front of them.
  6. My favourite bookstores are Kinokuniya in Singapore and Eslite in Taiwan but rarely get the chance to visit. For local bookstores in our country, I enjoy visiting Fullybooked for their wide range of titles.
  7. I recently received a DSLR but have been taking photographs years back.
  8. Since I was a child, I would practice drawing and now have a pile of drawings on my storage bins. But I wasn’t able to fully hone my skill on sketching.
  9. I like watching dramas and foreign films with my sister whether Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Western.
  10. I like cooking and experimenting with recipes though nothing close to a professional.
  11. I enjoy learning languages maybe because I was raised in a multilingual environment.

Here are the questions for my nominees:

  1. What motivates you to write?
  2. Where do you write? Name your favourite places to write.
  3. Do you remember when you started writing?
  4. What calms you down?
  5. When you travel, would you choose to have a definite route or would you want the trip to be spontaneous?
  6. Would you go on a trip with a stranger or travel alone?
  7. What are your frustrations in life, talents or skills you wished you have?
  8. What is your favourite country?
  9. hot drinks or cold drinks?
  10. Parties or movie marathon at home?
  11. What was your childhood dream and how did it change over the years?

My nominees are:




The little things in beauty







I was inspired more to write after visiting these blogs. There is more to discover out there.


6 thoughts on “The Liebster Award: Discovering the scripts of life

  1. Thank you so much for accepting, Xin! One of my favorite parts of blogging at WordPress is meeting people from other parts of the world. I especially enjoyed learning more about you and why you like to write. Your ideal vacation sounds wonderful to me! Sorry about the typhoons; being stranded in the dark sounds terrifying. I hope to look at some of your nominees’ blogs when I have more time. 🙂

    1. Thank you again, Sandi, for nominating me. I actually had fun writing this post, and struggled in finding nominees because there are so many people out there writing good stuffs. It’s alright about the typhoons, it is just troublesome how our government kept on repairing the roads but to no avail, the floods still creep in. I do think snowstorm might be a lot frightening.
      I felt that I was able to rediscover myself after writing this one. I also got to know some things about you by reading your acceptance for both blogs. Thanks again! Will be visiting your blog once in a while 🙂

  2. Thank you for the nomination! Your ideal vacation sounds a lot like what one of my ideal vacations would be. Going to a beautiful place and taking pictures. The best!

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