The Structures

Great architectures start from scratch, from building the foundations to the structures of the skeleton, the exterior and the interior. This is the construction of the Taipei Dome 臺北大巨蛋. I have never been to Taipei Arena 臺北巨蛋, but have heard of it several times as a concert ground of several renowned Taiwan singers and have seen this new construction. It is amazing to see the progress of building a dome. Big Taipei Dome


There are old structures that already stood for a long time. These were houses of the affluent which have really big interiors. Now, these house some stores that sell souvenirs and local food items.

Da Xi Lao Jie old houses at Da Xi

There are castles that we get to visit that is beautiful at every angle. Xinshe Castle is a famous venue for shooting advertisments/CM according to our tour guide. It is indeed refreshing to walk about this place. Though this place is not 100 years old, it is truly an inspiring European themed architecture tucked in the city of Taichung.

manor Xinshe CastleXinshe Castle grounds


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