Stanley, HK

It is good to take in a beautiful scenery, to appreciate the serenity and the view which is akin to a painting. I enjoy visiting places that have captivating scenes and interacts with the sky, the water, and the mountains.



Xinshe Castle is one really nice place to visit. It seems that every angle is good for photography. It is a very refreshing sight as it is a rare chance for us to be in European inspired location.


This was the view that caught our attention while on the road and our tour guide surprised as by stopping here. It turns out we would be eating at a restaurant overlooking this area. She said that she saw our faces when we passed through here and was really excited for the surprise she have for us. The water seem to be drying up, the restaurant has a photograph of how it looked like before. Nature provides a majestic experience for all of us, we just have to open our eyes and value its treasures.


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