Standing in the Middle

Sheng Xing Station

Standing in the middle of the train tracks was an amazing experience. We saw the tunnel where the trains passes through.  This is one of the shooting places for the Taiwan movie “You Are the Apple of My Eyes” written by Giddens. This place has Japanese influence in its construction.  I picked out this photo above for the theme Pop-out Color of photo101. The color might not be a vibrant one but the color of bronze tracks highlights the long route that the trains passes through. IMG_2894

IMG_2910 IMG_2891  IMG_2909

This definitely is a good place to walk about. There’s no entrance fee and there are some stores outside that one can visit. I saw travelers like us, couples, families with little children, college students who sat on the middle of the tracks like us. The air here is refreshing and it was the perfect time of the day to swing by.


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