Capturing the moment

What is challenging about catching moments is that if you missed it, it would be gone. There were a lot of moments that I wasn’t able to capture because I wasn’t ready or my camera wasn’t set properly. Catch it and it can be properly stored. the black swan Our tourist guide brought us to PingXi and here we got the chance to taste the recommended wrap of ice cream with shaved peanut brittle. It was really delicious that I hoped I bought more. The lady was really nice, she asked us if we can chew something quite hard, and she gave us peanut candies/brittle for free. She counted how many we were and gave each of one a piece of it. This huge chunk of peanut brittle that is being shaved by this man is a key ingredient to the ice cream wrap. hardworking couple Then there are those fleeting moments that pass us by and we don’t have time to take out our camera and snap it in frame. At times, It is nice to just enjoy the moment with our own lenses — our own eyes. There are moments that we can relive by remembering how that particular moment had transpired and we’ll catch ourselves smiling in content.


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