Photography 101: Street Photography

guardian of jiufen street

This is from Jiufen, Taiwan. Spotted this dog sitting on the middle of the pathway. It somehow posed for me, so I took this photo. Another dog was accompanying us while walking down the steps of this street. Out of five of us, only one is a dog lover, others are quite afraid of dogs, including me. I have overcome my fear of dogs over the years, no longer jumping at the sight of them. My grandmother had a lot of dogs then and it was a problem visiting her house because they had to be caged when we arrive. There were some that run free and quite fierce so it was challenging back then. I know that dogs can sense fear, but if you just leave them be or try not to fear them, they won’t be as scary as they seem. Dogs are quite adorable and friendly, but of course, I just need them to keep a bit of distance from me. There’s a Belgian shepherd dog at my cousin’s house. He barks loudly at every stranger he meets but once you get to know him, he is really playful and just wants to gain friends. Once you enter the gate, he would circle around his cage and bark loudly at the “intruder” and then when you get to the steps to the front door, he would stop instantly. It might be because the area between the gate and the front door is his territory. At times he gets busy with banging his plate that he lacks time to circle around so he doesn’t get to bark. We guessed that circling around somehow powers him up to bark because he felt the need to do that before he begins barking at people.


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