It’s that time of year again when people go out in costumes to participate in trick-or-treat events for children or to attend Halloween parties. I’m not very fond of this occasion but good thing that there is not much Halloween decors this time around though each store has their own Halloween theme, costumes and make-up. I was quite freaked out to see their scary costumes flooding the mall, as we were out to do some Christmas gift shopping. The parents brought along their kids in costumes of batman, spider-man, winnie-the-pooh, pumpkin, vampires, ghosts, princesses, fairies, even Elsa from frozen showed up to participate in the mall wide activity of trick-or-treat where almost every store have some candies to offer for the kids. It is amazing how parents make time and effort for these kinds of events. Some have elaborate and creative costumes, while some portrayed the same characters. People flocked in batches which turned out to be a great bonding time for the family and relatives.

What’s impressive is the creativity of the costumes and props of the staffs working in the mall. The janitor pushed a garbage bin with a bloody hand sticking out of it, the people working in the appliance store had a teenage mutant ninja turtle get-up. They painted themselves green, made shells that they carried on their back and wore the footwear that the TMNT used. People are welcome to take pictures with the sales persons, receptionist, and other people dressed up in Halloween costumes all over the mall. It might be a good marketing strategy to draw people to the mall and take advantage of these occasions.

It was a fright day but a fulfilling one since we were able to cross out a lot on our list.


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