Starting Again…

It’s been a while since I wrote something here. I guess I had to gather images, stories and things to write. For a time, I didn’t know what I was doing, why I couldn’t start an entry and just write. Travelling is the key to open my eyes to find new ingredients (they say that you have to gather the necessary ingredients to cook up something good). Rekados, we have to have these to complete a fine dish.

I told myself that I could settle for Taiwan or other Asian countries since my dad is not comfortable when it comes to Western countries. He has a bitter history with getting visa and he didn’t try again. My mom got hers and because my dad contested (or simply just told the officer that what she’s asking is already written on the form), his got rejected. From then on, travelling to the West side for us has been bleak. Exploring some countries in Asia is good enough for me.

I could explore many places in Taiwan and don’t need to spend that much on my travels. Now that we’re back from the trip, it’s time to work and earn again to plan for the next trip. My maternal grandmother also encouraged us to go on trips, do it while you can; unlike her when her legs could no longer permit her to explore the world. I could see that she still wants to travel but due to physical restraints, she could no longer do as she wishes. Our guide, Lisa 姐, was also inspired by the mentality of the kids these days. They earn and enjoy travelling, go back home to work and plan the next travels. Our aunt plays the card that we don’t have the right to travel, instead of encouraging us, she would put us down. It’s just in recent years that we get to travel, and that’s the only time we could really go out. We don’t go to parties, we don’t drink; it is rare that we go out of the house, all our whereabouts are declared and we only go out with our relatives or a few friends. I don’t want to wait till I get tied up to something that I could not go out or leave a work. This is the perfect time to explore what’s out there even though the trips are not that long.

I learned a lot from our recent trip. I’m grateful for the conversations we had with Lisa 姐, the talks I had with my sister’s friends who have also become my friends, the laughter and discovering new places together. This time, I was able to practice photography with a group who loves taking pictures and having their pictures taken. It was a very heart-warming, fun, and happy trip that I wish could happen again. I’m thankful for the blessing to be able to see what’s out there, to be able to begin documenting and processing those experiences in my life.

Discover happiness together


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