cloud art by the bay

Photography is a good way to gather stories. A snapshot says a lot and the activity could take your mind off worrying about experiencing a writer’s block. It itself creates a story with the images captured and portrayed in a scene. In the absence of a camera, I use my eyes to take in whatever it is that’s happening before me. Like the peculiar things I witness, such as a group of students about five of them try to climb the high walls to their school, one almost got to the top but some bystanders tried to stop them. I haven’t seen students climb the walls to get into school before, maybe slip out of the school is more like it. I know of students cutting classes and escaping school grounds, or remaining inside the campus just not in the classroom.

When rain comes, people living in the streets would take this opportunity to wash laundry, take a bath, a nature’s gift to the unfortunate ones. But they learned to become resourceful. Since it’s summer vacation, our streets are filled with basketball courts where kids and teenagers play some hoops.

I don’t have the opportunity to go out and discover the world, to talk to people or compile a story first-hand, as well have the luxury to take pictures outside. It would be nice if you could get near your subject. I get the opportunity to take pictures while on the road since much of my time then was spent in traffic. There were times that I forgot to take my camera with me when we go out, but memory is an amazing replacement for the camera. I saw a family sitting on the sidewalk, with fire burning and charcoal and a pot cooking above it, a child happily walking about. Another scene: a mother starts to rush to the passing vehicles, I saw a child wearing a shoe and missing the other. In the middle of the road lies the other pair of the shoes. The mother goes out the street when she got the chance, grabbed it while a loud honk is heard from an annoyed driver for the gesture of the woman. She gets the shoe back to the child who was patiently waiting at the curb.

There are many scenes in our daily life that we can capture whether by taking snapshots at them or by memory. It is nice if we have images we can refer to and share to people. We then would have basis in putting together the pieces or making out a simple story out of the pictures we took. If you know how to doodle or sketch, it would be nice to document the scene with interesting drawings.


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