Tone Matters

blessing of rain

It’s been a long time since I went to church, but I remember one particular topic that the pastor discussed which was about tone. He said that we should pay attention to our tone when we speak. Tones can be encouraging or discouraging, it can help uplift one’s spirit or put someone down. A person can be encouraged to do great things as well as be affected by the way the other person put the message across. It matters because tones can be sharp and could hurt others even if we didn’t mean to. Tone can sound happy, sad, angry, influences people, affects, inspire and uplifts the mood of a person. Being particular with the tone we use could frame the relationship we have with others as rough or smooth. If the tone is welcoming, then the other would be cheered to do better and accomplish great things. In my experience, when going on a trip and I ask permission from my parents, I often get a minimal reaction or an angry tone that discourages me to proceed with the invitations I get. It also happens when I get back on the trip and don’t receive a pleasant response. At this point, we would begin to psyche ourselves that all is fine. Just like how the weather changes our mood, such as the rain could hinder our journey sometimes, we would try to remain optimistic that something good would come out of it. Seeing the ethnic tribe sing their hearts as the rain pours heavier, we’d perceive the rain as abundant blessing we were able to witness. It is true that we can turn our perspective to the positive side, but we must remember to be wary of our tones and how we converse with people or how we deliver our message. In the process, we might be hurting or supporting someone. Our tones give confidence to people that we talk to everyday.

On another entry, I have written something related to this:


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