The Imperfections of Life


Life is full of exciting odds that would turn out to be good. God won’t put us in a difficult situation without a purpose; it is always something that we can overcome. In the process, we learn and eventually appreciate the significance of the events. At times, these circumstances pushes us to do something about our situation, reinforces our support group and drives us towards more opportunities in life. WE get to establish smoother relationship with the ones who really matter to us and those that don’t take us for granted. We are urged to live more, find or create avenues as opposed to being stuck where we were before.

I don’t stay at the house that often anymore; I create the opportunity to go out so that I won’t be confined to the walls that contain the stress inside. Distance is not the solution but somehow it dilutes the stress we experience at home. This has pushed me to value more the time we spend with the people important to us. Talking to my professors has helped a lot with the insights and foresight they provided. I manage to piece together the puzzle as they share their own burdens too; the whole picture would magnify and helped me see the details that I missed. In a way, we all have similar problems, but we experience them in a different degree and setting. I saw how similar our situations were as my mentor divulged her heartaches. In the personal stories that my professor shares, I learned to see things in perspective. I saw how the pieces fit together even though we are solving a different puzzle. After all, these conflicts involve people, behaviors and attitudes.

It pays to resolve our own issues within us and also with others. We couldn’t really change others but we could do something for ourselves. It is best to wield our own protection, especially when no else will stand for you. The ones who are willing to change will benefit; the ones who are ready to face their problems will in time find a solution and will experience healing bit by bit. The problem won’t go away if we just ignore it; it might still remain even if you tackle it, but at the very least you did something instead of simply denying its existence. It does not mean the problem does not exist as long as we don’t acknowledge it. Better face our fears, recognize the problem, find a solution, negotiate and do not hide or run away from it.

The imperfections do help us become better as individuals and somehow emerge stronger after recovering from each wound.


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