I Am a Singer

我是歌手。The producers of this show did a successful job in getting the audience hooked in anticipation . What I anticipated was the performances from G.E.M. and Zhang Jie, as well as what others will perform. I did see the efforts of all the participants and I appreciate how Zhang Jie picked the songs that mean something to him and gave new renditions to the songs. I like how G.E.M.’s producer Lupo Groinig arranged the songs she performed and how she delivered them. Every song is lingering in my mind such as her very first song then on stage back when only few knew of her there, the song 泡沫 that captured the attention of the people. She said that before that she had only a few followers, few people who welcome her at the airport, but through the show she gained a lot of followers which was quite unbelievable. Her rendition of 存在was amazing, as well as her version of 我要我们在一起 with piano performance,the female version of Jay Chou’s龙卷风+安静 was wonderful too where she added a new flavor,and then Beyond’s 喜欢你, even though she stopped when she couldn’t hear the program at the beginning, her comeback was memorable. Her performance of “If I Were a Boy” was inspiring too that I think many girls can relate to. It was captivating when she performed Mayday 五月天’s你不是真正的快乐 and I like the mix of another song of Mayday’s that they added towards the end; encouraging everyone and herself to be happy; ending it with 我要你快乐!It was nice to see how she enjoyed watching other’s perform, as an ordinary audience engrossed in music and how she showed appreciation to her fellow singers. It was also great how she gave her best on each performance.

张杰’s勿忘心安,聽你聽我 and every song he performed were thoroughly thought out. You’d be able to feel that he is telling a story in every song, that there’s a message he wants to speak to the audience. Images arise as he sing the songs. I particularly like his duet performance with JJ. That was superb tandem between them – 默契十足!It was nice of JJ to have given the stage to his friend and at the same time giving his best even when he was suffering from sore throat. I saw a friend helping out a friend, and both of them enjoying the performance. In the end, there were two big stars shining as they collaborated. I like the fusion of both of their songs, which came from each of their first albums, the songs 最美的太阳+翅膀。

The lyrics that says, “给我翅膀,让我可以翱翔,给我力量,是你让我变坚强, 不怕受伤/因为有你在身旁/你的笑你的泪是我做梦路上最美的太阳/路上的堡垒/用你给我的翅膀飞我感到一种安慰,乌云再多我们也不为誰掉眼泪/用你给我的翅膀飞。I like their duet very much and their ending too. The song expresses positive encouragement to the listeners and expresses much about how they got this far.

I enjoyed G.E.M.’s duet with 方大同:春天里, which was very refreshing and inspiring, performed quite smoothly. It was nice that Khalil Fong showed up to help his friend.

韩磊deserved to win the top spot, with the rigor of his voice and the intensity of his performance. We were just quite disappointed with the duet song he performed during the finals night.

It was a great season with nice performances from 曹格,动力火车,品冠,满文军,罗琦and韦唯。The special featured the participants of both season 1 and 2. I like Zhang Jie’s 他不懂 even before he performed it there and G.E.M.’s “Imagine” is a good ending to their team. No one was declared winner on the competition between season 1 and season 2 contestants.

In the end, music speaks to each of our hearts that’s why it can reach people all over the world with diverse culture. We have similar experiences that’s why we can relate to the songs being sang and the way the singers get the messages across.


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