Ear Muffs

“I never been the one to shout because I listen. I don’t like to raise my voice. And maybe I should learn to lose my inhibitions and let my feelings make some noise. ‘Cause you don’t know what I’m going through…when silence is all I give to you. So hear me, if you’re out there, take these words, try to understand, that I want you and I need you to take the hand of a quiet man.

I love the way you hear the words unspoken, how you read between the minds. You know before the silence has been broken, well at least most of the time…But I don’t know what you’re going through, it must be something I didn’t say to you. So hear me, if you’re out there, take these words, try to understand, that I want you and I need you, to take the hand of the quiet man.” – Jack Savoretti

Sometimes you’d wish you can shut your ear but you can’t, the only thing you can do is to cover them, walk away and recently I’ve thought of something, how about ear muffs? I thought about ear plugs, but ear muffs will be much visible and would probably make a statement that I don’t want to listen and somehow I can select which ones I want to listen to. Sometimes, the sounds get too loud that you want to turn the noise down but couldn’t and you’re left with no choice but to listen to the whole thing. Of course, in reality, I couldn’t do that.

People turn to me to say their piece, problems and heartaches. Maybe there’s something on my face that says tell me your problem. So I chug down the things I’ve been told. The advice of a lot of people is to listen from one ear and let it out in the other right away. I am open to people’s problems, that at times I don’t need to say something nor agree with them, I just have to listen. There would be times that you’d hope that people would listen to you for a change. I’m not always happy and it’s a constant effort to push away negative thoughts. Just like what Gretchen Rubin said in her book “The Happiness Project”, that it’s a big effort to be happy, happy people are not naturally jolly people who don’t experience problems, but they make sure that they can emerge okay even through hardships.

The song “between the minds” by Jack Savoretti speak to me so much because I am just beginning to speak up but easily shut down by the elders at home. In confrontations, the situations easily become against me. No comforting words in the end, and everything would turn out to be my mistake. Eventually, I was discouraged to listen to them speak, and become too careful with my words to not be misunderstood. I still listen to the people who listen to me too. I think listening should be reciprocal. It could be tiring when the people won’t listen but just want themselves to be heard. Communication could foster harmony and rapport among people. It doesn’t work if only one side is talking and one side listening, instead it must be mutual exchange of ideas. Nothing will be resolved if the thoughts are coerced upon the other, and peace couldn’t be achieved without proper acknowledgement of both side. It would be more like the speaker and listener are both wearing the ear muff.


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