Day 55: #100happydays

It’s my sister’s birthday and she wanted to go to the mall to shop and just eat. We accompanied our nephew there after picking him up at school since his mom won’t arrive until later. We had lunch at Pho Hoa then we asked our nephew to stay at CBTL where there’s internet with the Swirl Card. We didn’t want to tire him once we go shopping. My sister and I claimed our free drinks at Starbucks and sipped as we walked. We bought some gifts for Achi and Mom at Silver Finds, hopefully they’d like the necklace with pendants engraved with amethyst and topaz stones. Then we explored some shops like Aeropostale, Cotton On, Regatta, and along the way thought about some gift ideas for the upcoming birthdays and Mom’s assignment from our grandmother.
After shopping, we went to Café Breton to have some coffee and crepes. Later on, my niece arrived from school and we switched place to Red Mango where she had some yoghurt. She had to buy something at Faceshop so we stopped by there and then the exploration of facial products store continued. They have different interior and each has its own set of uniform for their sales attendant. After that, we head to Ya Kun Kaya Toast as my niece suggested. I had some Teh there. We also bought the spare phone (a basic one – just for call and text) that our parents asked us to buy.

Then we explored Korean shops for beauty and facial products. First stop is Faceshop where I bought two facial masks, then next we headed to Etude House where my sister bought a CC cream and third, we went to the newly opened Nature Republic and we bought an emulsion and a facial mask to try and compare it with Faceshop’s products. My niece recommends the facial masks from Faceshop and they have more choices.

There were lots of products to choose from and the culture for pampering oneself or taking care of one’s skin is evolving really fast. The choices though made us feel quite overwhelmed also because we’re not familiar with what certain products do or if we really need those skin-care products. We actually just settle with a facial wash and a moisturizer, no make-up or other skin-care products.
We usually stick with the ones we’ve tried or shift to another product if what we were using was not available anymore. It’s quite contradicting though that these products emphasize nature or being natural but then they are already formulas mixed together to “contain/preserve” or enhance beauty. But as with the change of climate, or aging and the hazards that our surroundings pose to us, we need to take care of our skin and be conscious of protecting it. Just don’t go overboard or don’t let it get too expensive.

We accompanied our cousin with her kids and our aunt at Recipes where they grabbed a quick dinner. They had to go home and we had to wait for our parents to arrive. We had dinner at TOSH and bought milk tea from Happy Lemon. We had to quickly drop by M&S since it is nearly closing time to accomplish the assignment from our grandmother, a gift for his son’s birthday. My sister said that the sales there had teamwork that made the processing of everything very fast.

I had fun spending time with family, shopping with my sister is always fun; the little surprises and spontaneity of things made the day more colorful. In sum though, I had too much caffeine in my system that hindered falling asleep fast; but this is one full day that I’m grateful of having.


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