Moving Forward

In the cool breeze of the morning in January, the students file up at the gates of the school. The campus is constantly being filled with people. Classes has already began last week after the Christmas holidays. It’s good to be back, though nothing much changes, just the faces of the security guards and the gradual additions and renovations around the campus. The students still smoke their life away and endangering other people’s lives.

I’m inspired by the professors and staff at school. They smile even when there are tons of reasons to frown. They have problems in the family, kids to look after with no one else to help them out, bills and expenditures to settle, and chores to do back home. They also have big responsibilities in handling classes, attending defense, meetings and seminars, writing research papers, fulfilling their roles in the department and somehow they manage not to let their personal lives affect their work. One’s health does affect one’s efficiency at work but they get up each morning doing all the same things again, be better to face the challenges again. I heard different stories they have with their children, their own struggles and battles and somehow you see the experience and strength wielded in their eyes. I am impressed by how professors who are mothers handle chores at home, spend time with their kids, know the schedule of their children and still manage to attend to their duties in school. They juggle everything and still manage to move forward gracefully. A child cheers them up, brightens their day and that made them feel good. In the midst of trials, they are brave and still find it in their hearts to be thankful.

Now, it’s April and they still courageously go on to meet the redundancies in life or to brace the surprises that come their way.


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