Day 37 #100happydays

I felt accomplished at the end of the day. We were able to meet with our cousin whom we planned to eat dimsum with and had coffee together, did some catching up and played Monopoly Deal. When we went home, got to play with our niece and when my cousin left, we started organizing the things in our room since our cabinet drawer arrived. We cleaned the place thoroughly before moving in the furniture. I still have lots of sorting to do but am glad with what we accomplished with just a couple of hours. We received an impromptu invitation to a shabu-shabu dinner with our cousin, her kids and our aunt. I enjoyed the meal very much since I was craving for hotpot these past few days. I like their sate soup, shabu sauce, and fried taopao. We rode their car back to our house and they waited there for time to pick-up her daughter at school. I offered them some ice cream and brewed some coffee (really late night coffee). They played again with my niece even when it’s already quite late, she has gained many friends these past few days. I changed my bedsheet and organized some things for the new furniture. After that, my sister and I watched the replay of I Am a Singer and slept at past two am. It was a very meaningful day for me.


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