Day 10 #100happydays

Before we left the house in the morning, I cooked some chicken and asparagus with cream sauce, somewhat like chicken run of Cafe Breton. Mom prepared the toast to pair with the chicken asparagus. That was a good try and I had fun making it. Sauteed the chicken in olive oil, then added butter before putting in the asparagus, and some pepper to taste. When cooked, we removed the chicken and asparagus to cook the sauce (butter, milk and melted some cheese).

home-made chicken run

The queue was really long when we arrived at Glorietta (the entrance of National Bookstore) and we decided against lining up for long hours. Instead, we had coffee at J.Co Donuts, which is just beside National Bookstore. There we saw people lined up, holding Mitch Albom books. some jsut struggling to read the pages on the spot. Maybe that’s a plus, by the time it reached their turn, they would be able to finish reading the book. At J.Co, we decided to just forego the booksigning event, and opted to eat and shop.


vibrant colors

Our cousin bought us these colorful coin purse, one for each one of us.

We went to Forever 21 where Achi and her daughter helped pick out dresses for us to wear. I ended up buying about four dresses and felt guilty about it. But Achi has a point, we don’t shop nor buy things for ourselves. As a parent, she would be happy if her children knew hot to think for her and how to save. Good thing three of the dresses were on sale and I don’t regret buying them since I’m getting used to wearing dresses. We ate at Kaya, a Korean restaurant and then continued to just walk about. After that, we walked to Greenbelt where my cousin also found a dress for my niece, again another gift. Achi had to exchange her charge slip for some Krispe Kreme and we went to Starbucks to claim a free drink, yes another shot of coffee. We headed to fetch by cousin’s two boys before going to their house; then picked-up the Aristocrat take-out on the way to their house. That was a really fun day.


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