Day 8: 100happydays

I woke up quite early today, good thing I didn’t oversleep, just in time to make our breakfast. I made egg skillet in tomato sauce, inspired by one visit to a breakfast place that my cousin recommended. First, I sauteed the onion and garlic in olive oil then added some fresh diced tomatoes. I tossed them till tender but just didn’t quite acquire the consistency I needed so I added some tomato paste and water to make the sauce. After that is cooked, we added the eggs one by one by making some holes on the tomato mixture, added a total of 5 eggs, put some coarse salt and fresh pepper then cover for awhile. Added some diced slices of cheese and covered again. After that it’s ready, we didn’t have basil leaves or other herbs so I skipped that. We had pan bread so we placed some on top of that. I made coffee for me and my sister. After breakfast, I got to work and checked on my online courses. I burned some photograph files I promised my cousin after we had lunch. We scheduled a badminton game today and our brother joined us. We went to eat afterwards, some congee and rice roll. When we got home, I started to fix my things, do some cleaning in search for something that I probably have handed over to my parents or really misplaced it. I didn’t find it but at least it got quite tidies up. I found some things that i can throw away to make more space for another session.

Later on, I headed to the kitchen at 6 pm to prepare dinner alongside our cook. We first prepared the sauce almost similar to this morning just added butter this time and also skipped the herbs. The tomatoes looked juicier than this morning. Then we deep fried the chicken breast dipped in flour-egg-breadcrumbs+parmesan cheese. After that cooked up another dish, the stir-fry beef with bittergourd. We finished up the preparation with the pasta for chicken parmigiana. Then dinner’s ready. After tidying up, I felt relieved that everything’s done and I could read some pages of Mitch Albom’s new book and watched PLL. it was a full day with lot of things accomplished.



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