This is an inspiring movie and I finally found out why people really recommended watching this film. I did miss Disney’s animation films that included soundtracks of song. I grew up singing/listening to their soundtracks and memorized the lyrics of the songs. It’s not limited to the princesses movies. Frozen portrayed a uch different resolution than the other films where the prince or male lead is the true love that would heal the wounded heart. In this animation, it’s sisterly love that provided healing and hope throughout the nation.

Elsa represented someone who has to conceal her power and feelings; those people who had to conform to society’s demands, who had to sacrifice themselves to protect other people. She was encouraged to conceal, don’t feel; abide and think about other people. But it is with releasing that she had found a solution; when she was forced to face her fears, that’s when her true powers emerged for the good of all.

In this society, we are taught to conceal and give way; but if we just lay things out in the open, show who we really are and what we feel, we could reach and contribute to society far more than we could imagine. People feared Elsa’s power but it is through her that the kingdom would prosper. Her sister, Anna, helped her find the solution, she saved Elsa in turn. Since Anna was little, she craved for her attention and companion. When she grew up, she wanted to see world outside and was happy that they finally opened the gates. Being trapped inside for a long time and with no one to share your experiences with, that makes one more curious of the outside world.

It was the love of a sister that saved Anna and made Elsa unafraid of the power within her. Breathe. Let it go!


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