Day 2 (100happydays)

Yesterday is Lantern’s Festival (元宵节) in the lunar calendar so mom prepared the peanut balls that our aunt gave us. I also made some cappuccino that my sister requested using some instant coffee granules and then frothed some milk. I also had two really big yummy strawberries that my mom buys for us.

I was able to watch a quite close match of the first game of the Philippine Basketball Association basketball finals: San Miguel Coffee Mixers vs Rain or Shine (the blue shirts vs the white). It was the breaks of the game that led RoS to finally win game 1, with only 1.6 seconds left in the time, Paul Lee was able to shoot the ball by an alley-oop. Both teams played really hard and both coaches put their minds on designing the plays.

Late at night, we were able to catch the figure skating free program part of the Sochi Winter Olympics. The figure skaters were amazing and worth looking up to. They glide through the ice with grace and swift that would indeed catch your attention. I enjoyed watching the programs they prepared as well as how enthusiastic the commentator was. There are amazing stories about each participants and how they got that far to qualify for the Olympics. It is worth noting how they get to inspire a lot of people and how they make their country proud.


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