Day 1 (100happydays)

As recommended by my niece I joined the 100happydays challenge. At first, I was curious what she’s been posting and then she sent me a link. It is somewhat like a happiness project where one would post a picture a day through the social media he/she selected such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. My goal in participating in this challenge is to find the little and simple things that make us happy.

My day started quite good. It is the fastest time we had to spend renewing our driver’s licenses. The LTO improved its services and we accomplished everything within an hour. There were not many people in the queue but the processing is still fast compared to our previous experiences. Dad mentioned before that there won’t be drug tests anymore and my sister confirmed it that they passed the law last June 2013.

I contacted our cousin and picked her up for lunch at Tazza Cafe where we all had the same order: porkchop a la pobre. That’s what I almost always have there. We ordered a pot of fruit tea which tasted like medicine at first, the one we used to drink when we have cough when we were little. It did taste like cranberry and as the tea becomes thicker, that’s when it is tastier. We accompanied our cousin to shopping as she wanted to find the time to shop for herself for a change. I know it is hard for her to go out and leave everything behind. I also ended up receiving a really big gift from her which covers all occasions of the year. We dropped by Krispe Kreme as she had to take out some Valentine’s Day present and that’s where my sister ordered coffee. My cousin grabbed us both a Happy Lemon drink before we left. I like their Green Tea with Rock salt and cheese. This shopping trip was short but worth every moment.

When we got home, we heard about the impromptu dinner invitation that our parents received from our grandmother. So my sister and I spontaneously tagged along with our parents and let them drop us off somewhere while they have dinner. We decided to have dinner at Tampopo and got Yoh Froz for dessert since Red Mango was already full. I survived the day without coffee even though there were many tempting stores that we could walk in to and with not much people. I pledged not to have coffee just for the day. The night has this cool breeze you don’t get to feel during daytime and it was nice. So this was our little getaway from the ordinary.



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