The Book Thief

A sad truth about what entails a war and also some facts of life…
Death comes. No one gets to live forever. At the end of the film, even death learned many
things. The portrayal of the characters is rich and Lisel’s growth can be seen as the story
progresses. It was a nice book-turned movie. I have read the book years back and have
forgotten all the details.
The dynamics of the family was shown in the movie, how Lisel came into the life of the
parents who adopted her and slowly they have grown to love each other. Her mother was hard to please at first but one could see how she loved Lisel dearly and how big her heart is. She met her friend
Rudy and gained a lifelong friend named Max that their family took in and helped get better
even in the midst of the anti-Jewish sentiment in the society that time. Lisel was illiterate at first but
together with his father, she was able to read a lot of books. She came across a lady who let
her borrow from her own library until her husband found out. When Max took refuge in their
house, he encouraged Lisel to narrate and write her own stories. The books are definitely a
window to the world, to the thoughts that inspire and lead to a better tomorrow. War is a devastating event and always sad. The bombs fall and picks no particular one, everyone is affected by the magnitude of the explosion — there are bystanders, people fast asleep as if there is still tomorrow, their peaceful faces as they travel to dreamland and then death looms over just like that. Lisel survived the catastrophe but her parents did not, her friend Rudy and his family did not and a lot more people died then. Lisel lived to see her grandchildren and shared her life with her friend Max. Somehow, it was a full life.



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