UAAP Season

The UAAP Season isn’t over yet. The perception of many people that UAAP Season ends with the finish of the basketball games has been around long before I graduated. My professors at De La Salle thought it concluded after the basketball championship game and they seem to be surprised to know that there are other matches in the second half. Yes, there are other sports. It’s quite sad that not many watch the other games even when they are winning (and also when the venue is just around the corner). I remember my classmates who have yet to compete in the second half of the season and gain just a few support. There are many sports that our athletes excel in: basketball is one (not just men’s), there’s also volleyball, football, baseball, softball, swimming, taekwondo, judo, badminton, tennis, table tennis, etc. Our teams are also winning in the second half of the UAAP season. It’s nice to be able to catch the UAAP volleyball and football games on TV. It’s good that the giant network ABS-CBN created a sports station that would air different matches. There’s also AKSYON TV that airs the professional football league. It is wonderful also that there are private individuals, businessmen, athletes and sports aficionados who form groups to support these sports.

I am grateful for the media that televise the games, hopefully, in the future, other games would also get TV spots to encourage the country to train young athletes in different sports. Other countries have more avenues because they have many professional sports and have higher regard for this field. They train little kids and harness their skills in different sports. It’s amazing to hear about our country’s lone representative, a figure-skater named Michael Christian Martinez, to 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and how he had to mortgage their family home in order to participate in this event. It is sad to know that the government did not support him while other countries value their sports and athletes very much. Hopefully, our local athletes would be able to gain more support from the government and the citizens.

The athletes who participate and win in the global competitions, they give back glory to their country and people who support them. When it comes to university sports, the athletes receive support from their university community and alumni.


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