In this year 2014, I’m looking forward for…

…more inspiring music, more interesting books to read, more movies and series to watch, more food and coffee to explore with cousins, and to be able to weave more experiences.

In the  past years, the music of the musicians–have helped fuel my spirit, ignite the hope inside me and sometimes to just simply enjoy listening to the melodies they created as well as the stories they wrote. The music reverberates inside my head and I felt relieved. I just needed to grab my earphones, turn on the music and that seemed like a different dimension.

The experiences have helped mold who I am today. Even though there were rough times, I was able to get through and in the process I grew up. I am still learning and getting better in handling stress. The conversations with had with people definitely helped us gain perspective and somehow to slowly let it all go. Reading and watching has provided me wonderful angles to look at things and urging me to dig for more knowledge.

Watching different sports has cheered me up a lot. Starting from the UAAP basketball to tennis, to PBA and NBA, to football and volleyball. The books have fueled my mind with knowledge as well as slices of life then the series and movies too has widened my perspectives. Also, watching documentaries and feature films open up different horizons. Badminton is also a good exercise my sister and I added to our routine. It is indeed a stress releasing fun sport that we play with a couple of friends.  I’ve been receiving updates from my sis about the Australian Open and is able to watch some interesting and inspiring games. I also got myself busy taking up some more online courses at COURSERA, some really interesting courses they have out there!


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