Revelations, it seems make you vulnerable; whereas, limiting your answers lessen the questions. Revealing too much while they fish and they in turn withhold information from you would sometimes feel that we’re exposing more than we should. They play their cards carefully and we’re falling to their hands on and on.

We’re always affected by things that doesn’t concern us. It’s difficult to ignore because they assume or demand your involvement. In time, I have learned to keep some things to myself and not divulge everything innocently.But this too is a struggle. I’m used to sharing what I feel and think, as well as what I know.

Going away on a trip with just our cousins has refreshed us somehow and has helped stop ourselves from hovering on problems that is not about us in the first place. There are a lot of things we can do with our lives than worry our life away. Instead of being dragged down, we must move forward. Discover things and explore our capabilities, weigh our potentials and limitations and grab opportunities.

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