The difference

It is in this life that we are given the opportunity to make a difference to other people’s lives. Somehow, even when we don’t notice it, we serve an impact to others. Maybe that is why people would want to know our whereabouts and what they missed out on to the point that they might have installed a GPS to be in-the-know. It can be annoying at times, because it seems that every move is being monitored. At times, we would realize that we always abide by the rules, done everything for them but all are taken for granted. Maybe what we do matters to them even when they don’t say it explicitly. In our experience, the Chinese family is quite traditional and conservative that is why they tend to keep silent, pretend that everything’s in perfect state. No matter how unappreciated, they still turn to us for opinions and when making decisions or for important matters.

In a way, we are all connected, no matter how much we want some distance. I realized that isolation is no way to live this life. Our relations help develop our personality and how we can emerge whole despite the scars and trials. In this journey, we find hope at every blow we receive. It is amazing how God heals our pains and restores our soul. Let it go… and it will unexpectedly feel lighter. 


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