Life’s like that

In the end, after facing the trials, you would realize what really matters. The system is flawed; there are too many conflicting things, but after releasing it, we get the chance to keep things simple again. There are many strokes that we don’t like at first but it is in the process of drawing the picture that we learn about the different curves, direction, shapes and emphasis. When the picture is whole and we stand back, those will be necessary marks that help us grow. I know I have complained a lot and felt as if I have deeply suffered; but overall, those bruises and pain helped strengthen my heart, kept the flame burning and told me. “Hey, it’s not that bad. You’re still alive.”


2 thoughts on “Life’s like that

  1. Thank you, Sarvjit. That is so true, it is what I remind myself to do when I’m falling back again and hopefully I am able to help the people in my circle to do the same.

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