That was an intense game yesterday with our team playing aggressively and the opponent trying to hold their ground. It was told several times that who wins in the first game would win the best of thee championship. The DLSU Green Archers didn’t hold back this time and it can be seen how they fought till the end of the match. They exhibited the Animo spirit that willed them to play their best and thus tied the championship game. Thank God for the win, for the improvement of the play of the players; it is clear how they let themselves be guided by the coaching staff, and be nurtured to show exquisite play in the court. I was inspired after watching the game and also watched the replay too. I commend the teamwork, the determination and the play of each players and how they fused together to be able to execute well. Our coach only used seven players, with Jeron Teng, N. Torres, Revilla, AVO, Jason Perkins, A. Vosotros and T. Torres. They all played well and contributed to the whole game. I won’t be able to catch the final game this Saturday but I will try to catch the live scoring. GoLaSalle! Keep the Faith!


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