Athletic genes

Never thought dripping with so much sweat could be this refreshing. It’s been a long time since I played some sport. This time, my sister and I agreed to play badminton together with her friend and do it regularly. Usually, my work out would just be comprised of walking and carrying loads of things. After 15-30 minute of play, we were already perspiring and it felt good afterwards. I was afraid that my skills are getting rusty (not that I’m good at badminton), just the thought of not being able to move around swiftly. In our country, it is not easy to find a friendly and safe place to walk about so resorting to other sports is a good idea. Playing sports is indeed revitalizing to the body. After much stress for the past days, exercise was a good way of releasing the tension.

During college, I belonged to the athlete’s block. Some people would either assume about or wonder what my sport is. I’m not part of any team, not an athlete. Some of my classmates would say I might as well be in the track and field or join the marathon because I walk really fast. Back in High School, I would get scolded by our P.E. teacher because I could not serve well in our badminton sessions. Despite that experience, I still like playing badminton. In college, I liked our Judo and basketball P.E. classes. Our teachers then were good and nice. It was fun because I got to shoot hoops which I really liked doing; just that I don’t have access to basketball courts to practice. My classmates were swamped with training and academic works, and I can see it’s not easy to combine since after the hard training you want to either rest or sleep. Watching athletes prepare for each game, I gained more understanding in their persistence and constant hope to get back on track again, bounce back at each failure and strive to improve if not to win.

After playing though, we realized that an hour has passed and we were already quite finished with the game. We recalled about how amazing the endurance of the athletes because they could play for hours such as in tennis matches or basketball. It is true that they have train a lot that’s why they get to increase their stamina, nonetheless this is a product of hours and years of discipline, passion and training. I salute all the athletes in the world no matter what field they are excelling and exploring!

I feel that there is much driving force in the athletes through regular practice that develop determination and patience. Furthermore, character and endurance are carved out from the experiences of an athlete.


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