About to call it a lazy Sunday…

It’s always the repetitive case of mom wanting to go out but dad would rather stay home. I’m fine with either of the two options. Mom wants to go out to eat some snack, but obviously dad already gave his answer. I said, my sis could drive and she did not reply (As is usually the case that she preferred the other option). She was waiting for my brother to open his doors, and was afraid to knock and ask him straight away. As nothing was final, my sister and I decided to just watch some movies. Later on, I asked to buy some beef noodles and offered to brew some coffee later. That was the last batch of our opened coffee beans.

The three movies we watched were in the action-thriller genre. The first film was a French film entitled Pour Elle. The movie sets off with a foreshadowing of the protagonist having blood on his hands. And then the scene shifted to three years back, when his wife was arrested for murder and their little boy screaming. Fast-forward to the present where the boy grew up visiting his mother in prison. He refused to talk to her or look at her. It was clear that the wife did not commit the crime, but the police found hard evidence putting her in the scene of the crime (which she really was). The husband tried to find a way out of this situation through desperate measures when time was running out. I won’t spoil what happened to the end of the movie but I’m satisfied with the ending. The sad truth in life is that there are mistakes that never get corrected; there are errors that remain a miscalculation. If no one looked for the truth, then no one would go out to look for it. If in the first place, what people deemed true is what they had seen, then the truth will just go down the drain. Sometimes, this could actually ruin a life, a family, or a child. We grapple with the system, but it seems there’s no way out but by carving out our own means. The husband was a teacher, and the detectives were stunned by his capabilities of building a web of information and etching out an escape plan. Sometimes, one has to stand up for something to get hold of his sanity and catch his happiness.

The second one was Fast (6), sixth installment for the Fast and Furious series. It is a good series for me. I like cars and racing. Every installment has its own story. They may be connected with one another but they have some new adventure and conflicts to resolve on each movie. This time Letty gets back on the team, the whole team got back together to find her and bring down the Shaw in cooperation with the police force. I just don’t remember all the details from the past movies but it’s all good. They were fugitives then, wanted by the US Government and they wanted freedom and to be able to come home.

The third film was SkyFall opening with a chase scene as 007 is pursuing a target and a field agent ending up taking a shot at him as he falls into the waters. It was announced that he is dead. But he turns up alive and meets with M. There is a former agent who was responsible for the bombings and killing many people. He is in pursuit of bringing M down. James Bond was asked why he came back, he could have enjoyed the opportunity to go away as it seems like there is no escape once you have become an agent. But in a scene on what he saw on the news on television is reason enough to bring him back. M wondered if the existence of their unit is just endangering many people’s lives. On one scene, M said something about having the enemy at our midst and we don’t know their face anymore. In life, there are things that we need to do that some people might not agree with us; but it is necessary for us to pursue it for the betterment of the majority and not just the few. I liked the other installments better, Quantum of Solace or the Casino Royale, but this is a good sealant too for our Sunday’s marathon.

So far, the French films I’ve watched were really mind-opening and nothing weird yet; whereas in the part of the movie installments, I’m updated in both of them. Coffee was a good idea too. I enjoyed the cup even late in the afternoon.


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