Battle in the Field

Semifinals: UST vs NU

UST won against NU and will battle DLSU in the UAAP Season 76 finals, Saturday, September 28, 2013. The coaching staff of NU already rose to their feet and approached the other side to give their congratulations with about 4.6 seconds left in the game. At the last minutes of the game, NU was still able to score two 3-point shots. It was a good acceptance of defeat and acknowledgement of the winner on the side of NU. Coach Pido of UST was very emotional after the win. He said that many were already doubting his capabilities. The players worked hard to reach this point. You could see how the team played, the crowd cheer and their family’s support. It was also record-breaking for UST because the number four beat the number one in the Finals. In the next game, I’ll be wearing green; I told my dad. He did predict that the Teng brothers will meet in the Finals. I watched the replay of the game later on since we were stuck in traffic for three hours, rerouted many times before arriving home.


But mainly, if we look at the scenario, people are not mutually giving way that is why it led to the slow moving traffic and the knots that tied up in every intersection. There’s a surplus of jeepneys waiting in the middle of the road, blocking the intersections, refusing to move. They used the roads as terminals. We won’t get anywhere if only one is giving way. There must be give-and-take in every relationship and in every situation. If the mentality of the people is that they would not let others pass and thus blocking the intersection because they won’t be able to get to their destination on time; then traffic would definitely build-up. Much time is wasted in the traffic and you’d be discouraged because there is no movement. The distance between where you’ve been stuck in traffic to your destination is so near yet so far.

In Singapore, they like to queue. But what’s amazing is that their line could be really long but it is very fast. We dined in Din Tai Fung and when we’re about to pay for the bill, we saw the long line of people who were going to pay. And because people followed the line, no one trying to cut the line, plus the service is really efficient, it was a really quick line. They follow the traffic rules and even if you’d see traffic building-up, you’d be able to feel the movement.

As opposed to always overtaking, trying to be the one in front, we should try to give way. If we don’t learn to cooperate, we create more barriers to advancement. It is true that living in this country has helped us to be really patient people with the system we have that is not efficient enough. We become resourceful with what we have and somehow develop a sense of endurance to the situations being thrown at us. We get by the traffic, wait for the delayed train, bus, people, or delayed services, but if each one of us chipped in, followed the rules, stopped where we are supposed to stop, then maybe everyone will be able to swiftly move forward. The wait time for each one of us would diminish. It won’t work if only one side will give.

As shown by Coach Altamirano of NU, the calmness and vigor in driving the team reach this point, and being able to accept defeat; as people, we should be able to back down as well when the situation arises. Circumstances will teach us to humble ourselves and brace forward for new battles ahead.


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