As soon as I got home yesterday, I switched on the TV to catch the ball game between DLSU and FEU. We reached the halftime break then. In the third quarter, we were trailing behind and the other party was making a lot of three-points shots. The freethrows of our team was low 19/33 and FEU had 7/10 freethrows.

I like the improvements in the play of our team. LA Revilla is one of the most improved players. Just recently found out about his absence in the team due to diabetes. Jeron Teng’s play is becoming more mature and all around, his freethrow improved a lot, practice does pay off. It was nice to see how their teamwork worked towards winning the game; how they passed the ball to open teammates when the opportunity was spotted. Such as, Jeron passing to Perkins, or to A. Van Opstal. Team Captain N. Torres, Perkins and T. Torres also contributed to the turning points of the whole game. The coaching staff of DLSU remained cool and encouraging all at the same time.  I like their style of motivating the players, though I don’t know what happens behind the scenes, I see the hardwork the players and the whole team in preparation and training for each game. I see fuel for passion in excelling not just in basketball but in values. Of course, the support of the community and the Alumni has been amazing too. Animo La Salle!

I watched the replay of the game last night too. I remember watching my classmates play then and for the succeeding seasons of UAAP after that. But there was a time that I stopped watching. I have watched UAAP games like the Badminton, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball, and a few glimpses of Track & Field. My other athlete classmates were from the Table Tennis, Tennis, Judo team, Football, Archery, Fencing, Dragon Boat, and Chess.  There are really a lot of sports out there that is interesting to watch. The other sports I watch is Tennis, as influenced by my sister. I was able to watch some games from the U.S. Open and some recaps from the news of the ATP tour. I will continue to watch tennis games when there’s an opportunity. Just yesterday, my sis shared to me that she had fun watching a football (soccer) game and she was able to finish it. I hope to watch one too.

I will be tuning-in to the next games as DLSU advances to the FInals. UST vs NU this Saturday.



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