College Basketball

Last Wednesday when I got home, I caught the ADMU vs UST game. It was already haftime break and UST had a big lead against Ateneo. I was hanging on my seat as the game progressed. It was heartwarming and inspiring how the UST side played. Even when the other side charged at them, even complaining to the referees for not calling the fouls, the UST players were cool and exhibited sincerity in their play. It was moving to see Jeric Teng play as he came back from injuring his shoulder in a game. The Ateneo side exhibited a desperate play, even after they have gained momentum on the third quarter, their play suddenly shifted to less team work, more of on individual play or just aiming to win to the point that their play disintegrated. They flopped (learned this word from my nephew as he plays basketball too with his friends) more often and people would say that they could win an award for acting. It’s just normal to get bumped, pushed down the ground because after all it’s a game in action. Players from other teams would just try to get up on their own. It was a good game for UST that many people supported. I support UST – for dad and the team. I support DLSU – for my school and the entire team working hard to improve their play. It is good to win, but what I like about our coach this time is that he encourages the team to improve on a daily basis. What’s important is hone them to be better players and what he could help them become in the future. Animo La Salle!

I haven’t watched a live game before while I was studying. And this time, because of my niece, I was able to watch it live. Usually though, I would just tune in to the live forecast and replays of the game. It was nice seeing people in action, on the court, the crowd cheering (though our crowd is usually tame) while other teams are cheering on the top of their lungs. Just being there is support enough. It was because of my nephews that I learned to recognize what KD (apparently it’s Kevin Durrant) is or who he is; that if I visit a Nike store or any sports store, I am able to distinguish some of the shoes or what sign Kobe carries. I still have to watch NBA and PBA games again. It’s been a long time since I did that.

I think, somehow, watching college basketball has reminded of my athlete classmates when I was studying. I was in an athlete’s block. It opened up many line of sports that covered UAAP, not just basketball. It was quite sad though that not many supported them then, usually people who watched their game were from their team. I admire how they worked hard to train for their respective sports. Seeing our players play rekindled something in me that I have probably set aside because I’ve become busy. It’s the drive or passion to aim for something, and to have the will to do it and achieve that goal. There’s an honor that comes along being an athlete in the academic scene, you are fighting for your school, your team, your community, family and setting new heights for yourself. Momentum is one of the lessons we’ll learn from sports. We pick up the pace and discipline ourselves to not lose it. When you have a specific sport, your focus is poured into it, and you’d concentrate on working better on that field. I’ll have to apply this in my writing, paralleling this to a kind of sport, that I have to regularly practice and shoot hoops when my training (drafts) has come to fruition.


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