Clean-up Drive

The first day of our clean-up at our house started yesterday. It was a successful cleaning, disposing and organizing the things that crowded the walkways of our house. There are many more things that we couldn’t decide on our own what to do with them, but it was definitely a fulfilling task, because we were able to make space available (hopefully won’t be filled up that easily as they would tell me; give it three days…) I’ve made some announcement/reminders to guard the line, that the things placed there won’t increase. We sorted out things that can still be used, can be given for donations, for recycling, etc. Also, we found mom’s stash of her purchases for gifts to people in different parts of the house. As Christmas time is approaching, it is best to include these things first before she is prompted again to buy some new things and store them up in our living room. It’s another hoarder’s story and you could get crazy discovering things as you open up the various bags/luggage where the things are placed. It’s okay to buy, I’m not against that at all, just give away or use the things that you have before buying something else. I’ve seen her become frustrated for not finding what she’s looking for because you’ll have to open up each suitcase to find the items. I have collected a few items for donations and electronic wastes. I think it is good that the e-wastes have somewhere to go to, where engineers could make good use of them or that they could be recycled properly. We found some things that were kept but could have been given away and now they look really old, brittle or not functioning anymore. This lead us to no choice but to throw them away.  We found some more freebies, old calendars, and realized how much I was considering the availability every time we give them away as they say there’s not enough of them. But year-in, year-out, we seem to be collecting leftover calendars from the previous year.

It is day two of our clean-up and this time we organized some things in our room. There are things that can be sold, given away, or thrown away. We packed up things that we will give away and took photos that we are going to sell. It is true that less is more. You’ll get more space, and if you bought new things, it would be good to put some old stuffs away. Anyway, they will just become clutter, because it would take a really really long time before we would remember having them or start looking for them. Scheduling a regular clean-up might help to take note of the things we have and learning to let them go if we won’t really use them.

It is good too how time elapsed helps us decide. The hoarder’s genes is in my blood too or I’ve been trained since I was a child. My clutter is comprised of my files and notes that I have yet to document. Yes, with the advent of the digital era, I’m still scribbling notes when I’m outside and don’t have any gadgets with me. I did realize that it is easier for me to let go of things now. There are things that I just need a snap at my camera and I could throw them or give them away. I hope to keep this up.


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