City of Escape

It’s already a week since we got back from our trip. I’d like to think that our vacation was in a sense an escape and freedom from the enclosed space we’ve been sheltered into. There we could freely walk about the city, ride the public transits until nighttime, plus we get to discover new things, and fuel our imagination and inspirations. In our hometown, our movements are restrained and monitored, sometimes it’s quite suffocating that even the tinge of privacy is being sucked out off you. You don’t get to say your complains and if you did they won’t accept it and pretend you didn’t utter them. You don’t get to be unhappy because they created a perfect world where no one should ruin the peace. If you want to say your piece, it doesn’t mean they’ll listen, you’ll even get reprimanded. Nothing much has changed. I treasure the days that we’ve gone away. It was a time where we didn’t think much of our problems, when we dropped all our work and things we’ve been busy about back in Manila. In Singapore, it was a dreamland where people are disciplined, and you won’t feel as if you’re being watched. It’s weird, back in our home, people stare and mind other people’s businesses.

Singapore is one of my favorite city. There, I feel at ease, and it doesn’t matter how small the place is, there’s always something new to look out for. People ask me before why go there again? I don’t know, I think, I just wont’ get tired of the place. We had long walks since day one till the last day and it was not exhausting. We go home, sleep quite late, and recharged in the morning. The amount of walk we had there was twenty times more than we did back in our country. Grateful that we have a place to stay at our cousin’s. It is indeed a relaxing place to be, to reflect or to just hang around. Thanks to my cousin, it was my first time to see how a washing machine works. I love walking and exploring new grounds; also, rediscovering places we’ve been to before. Like the Gardens at the Bay, a man-made garden, we were able to uncover interesting sights as we proceeded to the inner grounds. The architecture of Marina Bay Sands is just wow! Commuting was also my favorite, where you gained control of your time (except for rush hours) and where you wanted to go. It’s very convenient there and quite easy to blend in the crowd. 

We got the chance to eat Hainanese Chicken at their food courts, and on one occasion I ordered a pork rib soup cooked in apple, pear and lotus seeds. It was a delicious meal. They have a lot of healthier food choices unlike in our country. It’s always an interesting city because they keep on exploring new grounds and designing developments that could benefit their people. The place we stayed was about an hour from Orchard Road, and right now along that line, they are building MRT lines. It’s amazing that in a span of a year or even months, a lot has changed and they continue to seek for improvements. Many malls have been constantly renovated to keep up with the modern times. Construction is everywhere but it’s no hassle for the people going around the city. They created walkways for easier access. I’d love to go back to this city. With the right people, it is one of the best place to visit. 


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