It’s raining really hard in our country because of the southwest monsoon (habagat) and a tropical depression affecting our area. Many areas are already flooded since last night. The warning system reached red alert in Metro Manila yesterday night. I hope the rain stops because the flood is slowly subsiding. The four dams released water yesterday night too. I’m thankful we got home yesterday even when we had to pass through the flood. There’s this joke that says, we’re INSTANT, like instant noodles, just add water and you get instant flood.

In the midst of the depressing weather, I dropped my smartphone on the floor, face flat on the ground. The screen was cracked in the middle. It’s still functional but all so sad at the same time because I was very careful in handling my first smartphone. But this morning it slid from my hands down under the bed. I realized that I should have gotten a protective covering similar to my brother and cousin, which renders the phone somewhat more protected front and back.

I wasn’t able to sleep well last night, with the heavy rain echoing in the walls of our room. But I had to wake up early to start the day even when I still feel sleepy. It might also have been a bad idea that I drank coffee yesterday afternoon after achieving a record of just one cup a week.

There are things that we don’t have any control over, like the weather, or like the things that happen to us, but we have a choice on how to face them. Honestly, I’m being dragged by the feeling of not being able to hold on to my phone, that it had to have a crack; just like a deja vu effect of the rain and flood happening around us all over again. We cannot escape the fact that it happens. Every year, it seems, we have to experience the flood. The homes and stores of people are flooded. It would be another round of clean-up, drying, sorting, salvaging, throwing away of things. We are used to unfortunate events and yet we wish these things won’t happen again. Even if the frequency increases and we get used to the situations, it’s still not easy. Many people have to leave their homes or rebuild something they’ve already built several times. It’s not as easy as the refresh button we click on our laptops. But I guess, it is character that is being built in the process that is more important.

So as things are not in our hands, we lift them up to the One most high. He oversees our fears and trembles, for He knows what’s best for us and how to comfort us.


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