A new detective is in town and a murder case at hand. Each episode explores links or traces to the victim. The detective traces back the evidences they found to several people. One by one, the suspects are being cleared and in the process, the detective helped resolve their conflicts and problems. Things are realized when put out in the open. Everyone carries a secret. At the start of every episode, there’s avoice over that says: “People lie. To escape from their sins and to live for their lives. Alie is a shadow of the truth. People can only guess the lies hidden in the shadow. There’s a predator hidden in the shadow.”

How they set the story was crafty. People are present in the scenes/events, but it’s not until we zero-in to something that we’ll be able to find a missing detail that was there all along. The detective was keen to find those details as he went around town and talked to the townspeople. There are also revelations that make sense of the lies and the cover-ups or the little scenes they give away at first just in snapshots.

In the end, they catch the murderer, but more importantly, they were able to fix shaky and broken relationships. Relationships are hard to repair once the trust is lost, but it helps to bring things out in the open, where there’s knowledge there could be understanding. If things were kept hidden, people won’t understand what they are going through, and would continue to dislike their situations and eventually become frustrated. This drama touched something that’s not being focused in a regular investigation of a crime, which is, people linked to the murder victim especially the ones closest are affected more. Being left behind by a loved one, they struggle with grief, guilt, and emptiness inside of them. They portrayed people who got to meet the victim when she was still alive were shaken by the fact that someone they knew was gone. The characters got their resolution, they are inspired once more to make their relationships work, to continue living and aiming for their dreams.

This drama is worth watching with many lessons about life and relationships.


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