Sometimes obscurity helps. Not everything is clear-cut. We rely on our experiences to decide the next step. Sometimes, when you’re in the picture. Imagine you’re the strokes being drawn out, and you move along the curves and lines as image is traced. t’s difficult to see clearly what the whole thing is all about, until the things play out and the lines and colors become vivid, then things would begin to make sense. It’s like climbing up the mountain. The first time you go up there, you’re not familiar with the trek, you discover the path as you go along. At some point you’d wonder why there’s a need to climb up the mountain and this trip has gotten quite exhausting. But as you reach higher grounds, nearer to your specified destination, there’s a feeling of excitement in attaining that goal. No matter how tedious the road is, there’s some part that we would begin to anticipate what’s beyond that view. Just like in life, we see the obstacles, road blocks, rocky and steep roads ahead, but we move forward. We could mumble up to a thousand reasons or complaints but we don’t stop. We continue living. And even if many things don’t make sense at first, the fog gets blown away some time and we’d get to see the scenic place we’ve stepped into. In the process, we learn a lot of things; those little dots have made the picture complete and we’d find the beauty in it.


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